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July "KEFE aka Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock @ Shooting Gallery" Fecal Face

July "Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock aka KEFE "Floating World" Super Sonic

July "Interviews: Meryl Pataky 'The Golden Hour' @ Shooting Gallery" Arrested Motion

July "Meryl Pataky @ Shooting Gallery" Fecal Face

July "No Days Off: Meryl Pataky Interview / Studio Visit" Rendezvous Magazine

July "Supersonic Visit Meryl Pataky" Super Sonic

June "Charmaine Olivia's "Bloom" Super Sonic

May "John Felix Arnold III & Helen Bayly @ The Shooting Gallery" Fecal Face

May "John Felix Arnold III Interview in 96 Hours" SF Gate

May "Interview John Felix Arnold III, "Pilgrimage" The Microscopic Giant

May "Art Chat With Peter Gronquist" Platinum Cheese

March "Preview: "An Even Eleven" @ Shooting Gallery, SF" Juxtapoz

March "Kerry Miller's Re-Imagined Books in the SF Weekly" SF Weekly

March "Some Trick of Devilry: Paul Chatem's Assemblages" ARTslant

February "Melanie Alves' Taxidermy - Inspired Toy Gun Sculptures Fill the Shooting Gallery Project Space" Complex

February "Kerry Miller Cuts up and Reconstructs Old Books into Incredible 3D Works of Art" Complex

February "Kerry Miller: Deconstructing and Re-imagining Discarded Books" Fecal Face

January "Paul Chatem - The Guerneville Goose" We Heart


December "Three Art Exhibits to See Before Year End" 7x7

December "Ferris Plock "Unrest" @ Shooting Gallery, SF" Juxtapoz

November "But you can look at this!" Brooklyn Street Art

November "Previews: Herakut - "Don't Look At Me" @ Shooting Gallery" Arrested Motion

October "Interview with Oakland Artist, Lauren Napolitano" Oakland Art Enthusiast

October "Previews: Lauren Napolitano - 'A Well Marked Path' @ Shooting Gallery" Arrested Motion

October "Michael Page" Booooooom 

October "Preview: Michael Page's "The Places We'll Go" at Shooting Gallery" Hi-Fructose

August "All That Jazz" We Heart

August  "On View: Ian Johnson's "A Ghost of a Chance" at Shooting Gallery" Hi-Fructose

July "Cellar Door, Meryl Pataky," We Heart

July "Art Opening: Meryl Pataky's 'Cellar Door,'" Live Fast Magazine

July "Studio Visit: Meryl Pataky's Neon & Nature," Beautiful/Decay

July "Cellar Door, Meryl Pataky," We Heart

July "In the Studio with Meryl Pataky" KQED Arts

June "A Unique Metropolis: Ten Art Galleries in San Francisco" The Culture Trip

June "Yumiko Kayukawa 'Madness' @Shooting Gallery SF," Juxtapoz 

May "Massive Holy Batman Painting Turns Dark Night Into Religious Experience," Wired 

May "Holy Ginormous Paintings, Batman!" SF Weekly

May "A Conversation with Aaron Nagel" Chaos Magazine

May "Preview: Aaron Nagel's 'Bastion,' New Works at Shooting Gallery," Hi-Fructose

May "A Unique Metropolis: Ten Art Galleries in San Francisco," The Culture Trip

February "White Walls and Shooting Gallery's Reopening" We Heart

February "White Walls and Shooting Gallery Grand Opening in SF's Tenderloin District," Hi-Fructose

February "Street art and Gritty Surrealism: White Walls and Shooting Gallery's Grand Opening," SF Weekly

February "White Walls and Shooting Gallery Open New Space in San Francisco," Juxtapoz

February "Art Darling: Charmaine Olivia," Sex + Design Magazine

January "Steppe Warriors, California Plein-Art and UK Art On Line, All the Time," SF Examiner

January "Zaya's 'Steppe Warriors' at Shooting Gallery," Complex

January "Preview Winter Group Show at Shooting Gallery," Hi Fructose


November "Interview Series: Adam Caldwell," Live Fast Magazine

November "Exclusive Preview: Adam Caldwell's 'Empty Room,'" Hi-Fructose

November "No Half Measures in Artist's Dualism Critique," We Heart

October "Preview: Ferris Plock 'Carry On' at Shooting Gallery," Juxtapoz

October "Ferris Plock's 'Carry On,'" Clutter Magazine

September "Interview Series: Ben Frost," Live Fast Magazine

August "This Weeks Hottest Events" featuring Peter Gronquist, 7x7

July "Lessons of Alchemy" featuring James Charles, El Pais

July "Top 20 Artists of SF" featuring James Charles, Asterisk Magazine

July "The Watch" featuring James Charles' '333 Conspiracy', 96 Hours- SF Chronicle

July "Reading the Streets: James Charles' Funny Money," Auction Central News International

May Sam Lowder at Shooting Gallery, Complex

April "Opening of Paul Chatem's 'Another Man's Hero," Hi-Fructose

April Interview with Paul Chatem, Warholian

March Interview with Assemblage Artist Jack Howe, NPR'S "Art Studio" KUSP podcast

February "Mary Iverson's Calamity," Hi-Fructose

January "'Ritual': Charmaine Olivia's Dream State," SF Gate

January "Charmaine Olivia at the Shooting Gallery," Living Proof Mag

January "Studio Visit with Charmaine Olivia," Hi-Fructose


December "Opening Photos: C215/Mark Warren Jacques at Shooting/White Walls Gallery," Juxtapoz

December "Kicking Habit Inspires Smoking Exhibition," SF Gate

November "An Interview with C3," Hi-Fructose

October "Worlds Collide- the Art of Mary Iverson," Hi-Fructose 

September "Feature: Pedro Matos Interview," The Citrus Report

September "Pedro Matos at Shooting Gallery," Juxtapoz

August "Mary Iverson," Juxtapoz

August "Preview: Skinner 'The Fragile Art of Existence," Juxtapoz

July "His Work Reflects the World Not Himself, Skinner Says," The Sacremento Bee

July "Word of Mouth: 8 Items or Less," PaperMag

June "Studio Visit with Aaron Nagel," Hi-Fructose

June "Artist Profile: Aaron Nagel," Asterisk

May "Akira Beard and James Charles' American Iconomics," Hi Fructose

May "American Iconomics: Artist Toys with Famed Faces," SF Gate

April Michael Page feature, Hi-Fructose, vol. 19

April "'Island of the Colorblind' Opens at Shooting Gallery," 96 Hours 

March "Yumiko Kayukawa at Shooting Gallery," Juxtapoz

March "Interview with Ferris Plock," Juxtapoz

February "Studio Visit with Michael Page," Hi-Fructose

January "Preview: Morgan Slade's Company of Killers at Shooting Gallery," Juxtapoz

January "Morgan Slade's Company of Killer's Pt. 2," Hi Fructose


November "Underground Photographer Dave Schubert's Work Showing at Shooting Gallery" 7x7 

September "Gallery Spotlight: Shooting Gallery," ALARM

August "Spring Exhibits Open at Shooting Gallery and White Walls," 7x7

Summer "Best of 2010- Best Wild Thing Artist: Ferris Plock," SF Weekly

February "Don't Miss: Solid Cold" by Antistrot in SF Gate


October  "Sew Rad: Steve MacDonald at Gallery Three" KQED Arts 

September White Walls & The Shooting Gallery in Clark Magazine

September Patrick Segui profile in Juxtapoz Magazine

August Shawn Barber "S.F. Ink" SF Weekly

August "Shawn Barber Tattoos The Shooting Gallery" 7x7 

July Travis Louie "Back Talk" Juxtapoz Magazine

June Michael Page feature, Hi-Fructose, vol 12

May Dustin Olson "Masked Men Raid SF Art Opening" NBC Bay Area

May Ron English Profile: Juxtapoz Magazine 100th Issue

Summer Greg Gossel "Inspired by the Past" Artful Living

May Isabel Samaras Book Review: Juxtapoz Magazine 100th Issue

April "Native Son in Torrid Affair with SF" SF Gate

March Patrick Segui "Cardboard Turns to Bugs, Birds and Brains" NBC Bay Area

February  Worlds on Fire" Event Coverage: Hi-Fructose

January "Worlds on Fire" Grammy Nominated Art Exhibition: Juxtapoz