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Reading the Streets: James Charles’ funny money (ACN)


James Charles
Clockwise from top left: Noh Mask, Pinup Queen, Hits from the Bong, and Doggy Style

Ink Drawings on United States Bank Notes

Kelsey Savage Hays of Auction Central News International posted an informative interview featuring artist James Charles. Topics covered include insight into what he hopes viewers will take away from his current exhibit at Shooting Gallery, 333 Conspiracy, and how he chooses the subjects in his work. Check out a clip from the interview below and read the full article here. 333 Conspiracy, A Solo Show by James Charles is on view at Shooting Gallery through August 4, 2024.

Q: What do you want your viewers to take away from 333 Conspiracy?

A: I would like viewers to walk away feeling like they’ve seen something humorous, and at the same time something artistically substantial—a few laughs and some warm, fuzzy art feelings.

Q: You’ve used characters and celebrities from Willy Wonka to Dog the Bounty Hunter. What’s the thought-process behind choosing whom you will portray?

A: I gravitate toward different characters and subjects for different reasons. Usually, whoever or whatever strikes me as funny, important or relevant in some way. Sometimes my intent is to pay homage to an individual that I have admiration and respect for; and sometimes it’s to make fun of, or make a statement about someone or something I find totally absurd. Either way, I like to bring my sometimes twisted sense of humor to the work.


James Charles
Geisha & Dragon
Ink Drawing on United States Bank Note
17.5×14″ Framed


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