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The Golden Hour

July 12 - August 23, 2024

The Golden Hour, an exhibition entirely dedicated to the elemental life force and power of the sun by neon-artist Meryl Pataky. 

Pataky’s latest exhibition is more of an exploration into the cosmos than ever before. The first to be created by atomic fusion within a star, Helium is the element of choice and can be seen as the warm peach color illuminated within the neon tubing of the central works. From Helium, a long list of elements are created by the same process, eventually producing heavier elements such as iron, carbon, and oxygen. Pataky displays the use of iron in her steel framing, carbon in deer hide works and wood framing, and oxygen in a composition of succulents. Additionally, three Periodic Elements in neon: Gold (Au), Silver (Ag) and Copper (Cu) can be seen in The Golden Hour. These three precious metals are elements that are only created during supernovae explosions, lending themselves perfectly to Pataky’s cosmic theme.

Meryl Pataky : Neon Bridge
Meryl Pataky
Neon Bridge
Helium neon, 4x15ft
Price Upon Request
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