886 Geary Street · San Francisco, CA
Open Tues - Sat 12PM - 7PM

Another Man's Hero

April 14 - May 05, 2024

Another Man's Hero is a new collection of paintings which explore perceptions of identity. Within the twenty new pieces, Chatem delves into the idea that however one person sees themselves, their friends, neighbors, or community may see them as something completely different. One man's success is another man's failure; one person's death is another's victory; one person's lover may be another's competition; one man's hero may be another man's villain.

Chatem’s intricate paintings began as loose sketches in acrylic or pen. From these rough compositions the artist crafts incredible finished works, often using leftover wood from construction jobs he has worked. In the studio Chatem is constantly moving, often working on the different stages of several paintings at the same time. This propensity towards motion is shared by the work itself, which is fitted with hand-cut interconnecting gears and handles that viewers are encouraged to turn. The functional gears bring to mind the inner workings of an old pocket watch, blending mechanical simplicity with an organic color palette of earth-tones. 

Paul Chatem : I Owe You One Pig, By The Way, Your Daughter's Pregnant
Paul Chatem
I Owe You One Pig, By The Way, Your Daughter's Pregnant Sold
Mixed Media on Wood with Moving Gears
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