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    November 8, 2024 - December 7th, 2024
    The Shooting Gallery is pleased to present new works by Bay Area street artist, APEX. This new body of work titled As Above, So Below, is the artist’s most abstract to date, and an exploration of new territories in modern art for the well-established street artist. Known for his “super burner” aerosol styles and graffiti lettering, APEX takes his art in a new direction. As Above, So Below is an exploration of minimalist color blocking, sleek lines and architectural forms and arches. Careful compositions of colors and shapes take APEX’s work in a totally new dimension. While maintaining the dynamism that continues to characterize the street artist, APEX wields this energy into a refined body of work ready to go from street to home. In addition to the Shooting Gallery main space, APEX will also occupy one of the Shooting Gallery’s project spaces, representing the “So Below” portion of the show’s title; this project space will feature some of APEX’s signature and most recognizable earlier style-graffiti and hand-styles.
    Apex : Untitled 1
    Untitled 1
    spray paint on wood panels, 96x96in, 2024
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