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Lucas Soi and C3

Cradle Stories and In Search of New Land

October 9 - November 6, 2010

Lucas Soi lives and works in Vancouver.  He has exhibited at LES Gallery (Vancouver) and internationally at Colette (Paris); Preteen Gallery (Mexico); NEXT Art Fair (Chicago); and Aqua Art Miami. In Cradle Stories, Lucas Soi imagines the secret lives of teenage girls by depicting their clandestine lifestyles in wide panoramic views of interior suburban spaces.  The interior or domestic sphere, long associated with antiquated views of femininity, is portrayed in a new light by Soi, where modern society's rebellious rites of passage are acted out in the shrouded safety of the home.

Christoper C. Curtis, C3, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has exhibited in Gallery Three, Babylon Falling and many other group shows around the bay Area. In Search of New Land proposes a Wild West fairytale narrative with a post-apocalyptic twist by using portraiture to study the darker side of human nature. His subjects, based on real-life models, morph into fractured versions of themselves when worked over by the artist's hand.



Lucas Soi and C3 : Riding on a Dead Horse
Lucas Soi and C3
Riding on a Dead Horse
Graphite on Aged Paper, Framed 21x24.5", Unframed 14x18"
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