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Patrick Segui

Curiosa Natura

Febuary 7, 2009 - February 27, 2009

Segui draws one's eye past the surface, into the world of natural science, the grotesque and the beautiful. As a scientist may collect butterflies and elucidate each detail of it, so does Segui in his own manner The intricately carved dioramas and shadow boxes are a combination of drawing, painting, sculpture and the meticulous manipulation of surfaces and textures in a process that is uniquely his. Each work is sculpted out of recycled cardboard, utilizing vintage fabrics, paints and antique tools. These polished, three-dimensional figures are created using a combination of acrylic paints, glue, wax and adhesives. His detailed mixed media assemblages lure the viewer in and creating a desire to get personal with the piece.

Patrick Segui : Amphopod
Patrick Segui
Mixed Media Collage 16x14"
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