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Travis Louie

Lifetime Companions

December 12th, 2009 - January 2nd, 2010

Travis Louie’s portraits are developed from another time and reality. They entice the viewers bringing them a step closer to the imagination of a man whose stories are as wondrous as his paintings. Referencing bits of particular moments, journal entries and obscure facts; Louie creates haunting dreamlike creatures. Dressed in pea coats, top hats and other Victorian fashions the otherworldly beings possess odd human characteristics. Some of their origins are a complete mystery while others are hinted at. A man is cursed by a goat, an engine driver can’t seem to stop vibrating in his sleep, a man overcomes his phobia of spiders, or a groomsman’s head mysteriously shrinks on his wedding day. In this particular collection, most of the paintings are family portraits of people attending weddings and formal events.
Travis Louie : Wedding
Travis Louie
Wedding Sold
Acrylic on Birch Board, 20x27"
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