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Kevin Peterson

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    June 9 - July 7, 2024

    Prospective delves into matters of the psyche in a subtle manner, offering visual cues that resonate with feelings of isolation and uncertainty. Lone figures are positioned at the center of the composition, almost always with a look that seems to be on the brink of change. Curiosity, surprise, defiance, and resignation appear on the faces of young boys and girls, painted with such lifelike detail that they could be snapshots.

    Children represent innocence and new hope for a world that is rundown yet the subjects of Peterson’s works seem to lack the lighthearted spirit of childhood. Placed against backdrops of graffiti-covered city walls, they seem fragile and melancholy. With an expressed interest in how the past shapes our current and future selves, Peterson studies the passage of time through his expertly crafted oil paintings of youth as well as through a new focus on statues, integrating the beauty of classical art into urban life.

    Kevin Peterson : Stoop
    Kevin Peterson
    Stoop Sold
    Oil on Panel, 30.5x24.5"
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