886 Geary Street · San Francisco, CA
Open Tues - Sat 12PM - 7PM

Solid Cold

Feb. 6, 2024 - Feb. 27, 2024

Solid Cold showcases Antistrot’s maturation, as the six-piece artist group now works closer than ever before. This depth is reflected in finer line work and fewer text balloons within the paintings. Antistrot has coined the term “docudrama” to describe their inspiration for this exhibition. Docudrama is a collection of material from media, comics, fashion mags, porn mags, old film books, 1970s war books, and even from the conversations taking place while the artists work. This docudrama is then taken out of context and placed on a canvas with several other images in a spontaneous, unplanned composition. The resulting conglomerate may convey the central character’s scream of emotions or even a nightmarish landscape. 

Antistrot : Scream Dream
Scream Dream
Frescolithe, Gouache, and Ink on Muslin
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