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The Places We'll Go

October 12 - November 2, 2024

Featuring twelve to fourteen paintings with dimensions varying from 5 x 4 feet to 16 x 16 inches, The Places We’ll Go, inhabits a childlike freedom of expression with the technical mastery one can expect from a practiced painter. Working with oil and acrylic, Page creates worlds shaped by dreamy imaginings where rainbows of colors melt into pools of undulating waves and swirls of saturated hues lead the eye into ephemeral landscapes. Using a loose technique of free association, Page glazes each canvas with multiple layers of color and takes inspiration from the shapes that naturally evolve, pushing them to develop into more complex forms. Working without a predetermined outcome in mind allows new emotions to continuously filter into the process resulting in a fluidity of perspective mirrored in the experience of the viewer.

Michael Page (b. 1979) lives and works as a full time artist in San Francisco, CA. He has shown his work throughout both the United States and Europe, in cities such as Reykjavik, Berlin, Bristol, Rome and Montreal.

Michael Page : Annunakis Rain
Michael Page
Annunakis Rain
Oil on Canvas, 66x48"
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