886 Geary Street · San Francisco, CA
Open Tues - Sat 12PM - 7PM

San Francisco-based and self taught “graffuturist” artist, Poesia, was born in 1975 and has been making his mark on wall and canvas for the past 25 years. Whether he is mirroring the work of old masters, composing collages, or creating gestural abstract paintings, Poesia’s work consistently carries the same sense of immediacy as seen in contemporary street art. With this concept in mind, Poesia created “Graffuturism,” a league of street artists that value the urgency and directness of graffiti, as well as fast paced and physical aspects involved with street art, but have evolved beyond their initial roots.

Poesia : Poesia<br>Saint Tanzio Da Jerome Varallo

Saint Tanzio Da Jerome Varallo

Oil and enamel on canvas, 42x65in
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