886 Geary Street · San Francisco, CA
Open Tues - Sat 12PM - 7PM

Just for One Day

October 01- November 05, 2011

Just For One Day brings the brightly colored and inimitable world of Ferris Plock’s imagination into the public eye. The artist’s education in creative writing and literature reveals itself in the continuous creation of new characters populating Plock’s work, fully developed through a layering of unexpected details. The serene and structured aesthetics of traditional Japanese styles are fused with a rebel sensibility and feature appearances by Plock’s childhood heroes, drawn from an assortment of cartoons, comics and commercials. Both the recognizable characters and the expressive-eyed, long-toothed creatures from Plock’s own mind are infused with unmistakable personality. A mischievous glint in the eye or a hint of a smile belies the true nature of the figures Plock crafts with a visible sense of humor, bringing new life to familiar faces of pop culture.

Ferris Plock : Hello
Ferris Plock
Hello Sold
Acrylic on Wood Panel, 20x30"
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